The Dead Frontier GPS is now closed (2016-12-21)

Dead Frontier GPS source codes released

You can run your own version of the Dead Frontier GPS and adjust it the way you want.

Sources available for download here: Dropbox Link

I observed the dropbox page sometimes to not load OK.
If the dropbox page doesn't show any content, just reload the page (press F5 key, or reload button), this should fix it.

Would be helpful if you can spread the news into the Dead Frontier forums.

End of the road: this site launched in October 2011 and has been serving the community for free ever since.

Activity summary

During the 5 years of existence:

Why is this closing?

On a personal note, I have been proud to serve the community this long, it's been fun & tough, and the experience gathered definitely worth it.
Thank you for your support having made it possible!

Now, since about 2 years I am no longer playing Dead Frontier.
Consequently I am far away from in-game new content and don't have sufficient time to update this site to align with this game content (wasteland map expansions, implants, new gear ...).
Time for me to move on.
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Below are a list of other sites providing a similar service:
Map and marketplace services:
Profiler and general statistics:

At the time of the writing, these sites were functional. I will not update this list further if/when some services goes down in the future.